AGX Fusion

Gold’s Gym Newburgh is proud to offer AGX Training Systems and Polar® Cardio GX, where participants are motivated and coached through Workouts of the Week (WOWs) in energetic and engaging classes.  AGX Fusion® is designed for a maximum of 18 people per class.  This program include the fun and motivating option of using Polar Cardio GX for each individual to track his or her progress and results in each class.  This paves the way for participants to maximize their results FAST.  Fusion® is now offered as membership tiers, providing rapid goal attainment through interval based functional training.

AGX Fusion® is a strength and conditioning program created by some of the best trainers in the fitness industry and taught by our coach team at Gold’s Gym Newburgh.  Designed for up to 18 people per class maximum, the program consists of functional training movements performed at variable rates of resistance. Equipment used includes kettlebells, resistance tubing, suspension trainers, boxes, dumbbells, etc.  Participants are rotated through 6 stations and rounds of varying functional training.  What this means for you is no matter what your current fitness level or goals, Fusion® will assist you in quickly attaining the body and results you want.  You’ll improve your strength, endurance, and overall body composition.  This program will also prepare your body for any stress or workload it may experience in life. It will transform your body, make you fit, and prepare you for whatever life throws at you!  The program is based on variable progression loads, allowing the coach to constantly vary workouts, time at each station, exercises, and range of movements to keep your body guessing and continuously changing.  In a Fusion® class you will see men and women of all ages, performing the same workouts just at scaled load and pace suited to each person. The idea is for everyone to train at his or her current ability, with new WOWs delivered weekly to prevent plateaus and help participants achieve results FAST.



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