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Five Tips to Help You Power Through the Day

Have diet sodas, energy drinks and endless cups of coffee become a regular part of your work day? Next time you go to reach for another caffeine-packed beverage for a quick pick-me-up, remember the five tips below from Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Member and Sports Medicine Expert, Evan Ekman, to help increase your energy level and power through your day.

Let your body do its thing. A consistent exercise routine can have an extraordinary impact on your energy level. “When you are physically active, your blood flow increases to critical organs, such as the brain, helping them perform at their best,” says Ekman. “When you exercise, your body naturally releases catecholamine’s, which are safe “uppers” that improve alertness, energy, and concentration.”

Do what you want! When exercising to increase your energy level, develop an enjoyable routine of cardiovascular fitness.  If it’s an activity you enjoy, you are more likely to stay with it. Ekman suggests doing this routine for 30 minutes, three to five times per week.

Energy essentials. It is important to fuel your body with healthy foods and the appropriate nutrients to function properly. Ekman’s advice is to go back to the days of the food pyramid and make sure you are getting the appropriate servings of dairy, fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Furthermore, Ekman does not recommend consuming energy drinks when you are feeling tired because they will ultimately result in an energy crash.

Exercise equals Energy. Ekman recommends hitting the gym at the point in the day just prior to when your energy level is the lowest.  This will not be the same time for everyone, but your program should be tapered to fit your needs.  Try not to exercise just before bed as this can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Learn more by visiting Gold’s Gym in Newburgh NY today!

Dream Away. Just as your body needs its nutrients, it also needs its rest.  “Exercise places physical stress on the body, which sparks the brain to increase the amount of time we spend in deep sleep, the phase in which our body repairs itself,” comments Ekman. Without enough sleep, your body will not be fully rested for the next day.  Ekman suggests trying to obtain around eight hours of sleep each night to give your body proper rest.


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